My Lovely North: From House to Home

As Pieter and I shared the excitement of our offer's acceptance on our Washington Street home, our joy was quickly derailed as we received news of Pieter's departure for work was unexpectedly moved up a couple of weeks. Buying a house is an extremely stressful process, and the idea of moving into our new home without him, was on a word: devastating. Although it looked bleak, and the idea of closing in less than a month is just short of impossible, we picked ourselves up and got to talking.

As mentioned previously, we had a great team of people. Our lender was amazing, our financial representative was always spot-on and the sellers were very cooperative. We decided that with this fantastic team, a lot of faith and little bit of luck, we just may be able to move into our first home together. Many phone calls were made and countless trips for random signing of papers were made, but in the end, we were able to close just a couple of days before Pieter had to leave, ending up as a 21 day close. It wasn't much, but we'd take it and be thankful.

Through a team of friends and family helping us, we were able to move in in a record 6 hours. It may have also helped that we were literally moving across the alley, but all in all, I was seriously impressed and beyond thankful. Moving in came and went and before we knew it, our 4am alarms were ringing, alerting us that it was time to head to the airport. It never gets easier to say goodbye, and it's going to be a long 2 1/2 months, but I've got a home to get ready for my amazing husband.

During this 'house to home' updating, I'd like to catalog the pieces that, in my mind, create a home: the soft textures, original wood flooring, a little piece of michigan, my favorite scent, patterns and colors, reusing wedding decor, and finally the little pup we call our fur-baby. It's an all-too exciting process: to be purchasing our first home. We're nervous and starry-eyed but ultimately remind ourselves that beyond buying a house, we're creating a home in the best place to be.

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