My Lovely North: Countdown!

Every night that I go to bed alone, I'm surprisingly excited. No, I'm not happy at the portion of being without my awesome husband by my side, I'm elated at the idea that each night apart means I'm one night closer to his homecoming. That's right, readers - Pieter is coming home from work!!!

I've been feverishly working hard and house-prepping for his return, in avoidance of having any agenda to speak of for at least a while upon his arrival. For any spouse that is held apart from their loved one, you know how hard it is to accept the daily reality of work, chores and any sort of obligation. You want to shut the world down for a while just to absorb each tiny moment you can savor together uninterrupted.

Pieter and I really do find our summer together full of blessings, regardless of any 'required realities'. He will be home around June 11 and will be staying home through late August. This gives us plenty of time to partake in our favorite summer activities of cycling, sailing, explorations and festivals during the best time to experience Northern Michigan! As long as I live, I vow to never (read: ever) take Traverse City Summers for granted.

Most importantly though, I've started planning a welcome home/house-warming extravaganza! Stay tuned for details and posts as I explore our House-Warming Signature Cocktail, DIY decor ideas and plenty more!


13 +/- days remaining