My Lovely North: A Kissable Lip

My struggle as a makeup-loving bride shined through in my indecision of what shade of lip I wanted to kiss my husband with. I found when first presenting the idea of wearing a 'red' lip to Pieter, he recoiled as if I was suggesting I cover my lips in sand. I tried to explain: "No, honey, it wouldn't come off, I promise!" But no sooner had the words come out of my mouth, that I wondered '...would it?'. In my research through hours of youtube videos, countless reviews and personal tests, I finally found a truly kissable, long-wearing lip that threatened the just the way I wanted it! My favorite product became L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Colour Duo. They provide a wide selection of shades and (in my humble opinion) the perfect options of red, no matter your skin tone. You may consider your tone before purchasing a stain, as cool shades will want to avoid warm, or bright red, whereas warm tones may want to avoid cool shades. One of the quickest ways to determine your tone is to evaluate the veins in your wrist: blue veins mean a cool skin tone, greenish veins suggest a warm. Always try all shades because you may have a tone that can wear both!

L'Oreal's Infallible shades that really impressed me are 300 (a cooler-toned) and 399, Beyonce's signature fire-engine red. I absolutely LOVE both, but I prefer Beyonce's for a bold pop of color. The duo includes a two-sided container with one side being the lip stain and the other is the moisturizer. Keep in mind that this is a special balm and that other balms will not work well with the stain. Some key tips for application and wearability are as follows:

1. Exfoliate your lips with an extra toothbrush to gently take off any skin that may flake off later in the day. 2. Softly cover your lips with a small amount of liquid foundation. This will help to place a base on your lips and create a smooth application of the stain. 3. Begin staining your lips at your cupids bow. This is the small 'dip' in the top of your lip that is closest to your nose. This will allow you to clearly draw your outline from top of the lip to the corners of your mouth, and fill in the rest of your lips. 4. 1 coat stays on better than 2 coats. Period. 2 coats will generally give you a deeper red, however it tends to appear 'caked' on if left on for more than 4-5 hours. 5. Keep your lips moisturized with throughout the night by applying the provided moisturizing stick every 30 minutes, if possible. This will diminish the chance of flaking throughout the evening.

Finally, when the night is over, I like to use Almay's makeup remover and an exfoliating scrub pad. Gently press the wetted pad onto your lips and let sit there for a few moments, then rub circularly around your top and bottom lips, removing the stain. You will be left with baby smooth lips and a happy, makeup-less husband.

Happy planning and happy beautifying!