My Lovely North: Our Lovely Weekend

75 days and a husband finally returns home to his wife. Last week I explained what keeps me busy (and perhaps a little bit sane) while he's away. I was so looking forward to his return but with every return we experience together, we both learn that his return is vary rarely a set schedule. True to form, later that day I found out that Pieter would not be returning home, but instead be flying home the next afternoon. The idea of his late arrival, although somewhat familiar, was still hard to take. We must press onward though, and all in all, it was only a matter of hours that would surely fly by with anticipation. As predicted, Pieter's return came faster than we hoped and before we knew it, I was bringing him home.

Every time he comes home, I do my best to take time off of work to spend some much-needed time together and this time was no different. I was able to take off a few days from work and although the weather kept us house-bound quite a bit, we were able to get out to do some wine tasting and have a date at a fabulous local restaurant. We had a fantastic time at the Winter Warm Up - tasting local wines and Hors D'Oeuvres to pair with, followed by dinner at The Cooks House - a restaurant dedicated to local, sustainable cuisine. Let me just say...delicious! Our date nights were very much missed and being able to spend time together one-on-one was so very special to me. It's great to have him back and it was such a lovely weekend, that's for sure.

We were granted with somewhat warmer weather and traveling Old Mission Peninsula was an absolute treat! Living in Northern Michigan surely gives you an appreciation for those warm winter days that are so few and far between. Our time together is always treasured, and I can certainly say that I'm glad we have so much of it this time around. Here's to many more lovely, adventurous weekends together. Cheers!

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