Farewell September

Since July of 2011 I have spent every free moment, and at times not-so-free, thinking ‘wedding.’ Beginning my journey in January of 2012, I’ve spent every Thursday documenting the planning, process and execution of my journey as a soon-to-be bride in Northern Michigan. I’ve shared stressful moments, joyous occasions and triumphant success each week in the hope of bringing information, advice, maybe a little laughter and a strong dose of relief to each of the incredible people who took the time to share my story. This is my formal Goodbye to September but a strong and warm embrace to the adventure that lay ahead of me.

Although I know this is the end to September and the steps that got me there, it is also the opportunity to open up a door to the life of a Northern Michigan newlywed. I will be sharing my embrace and illumination of life as a new bride paving her new adventure in Northern Michigan. I'll be talking struggle, triumph and what it's like to be married to the man of my dreams.

But before I begin, I would like to share a few posts dedicated to this beautiful thing we’ve all been waiting for: the wedding! Beginning next week, I’ll take you through the day before, the day of and the days that followed my breathtaking Michigan wedding. So really, it’s not so much of a goodbye, but more of a ‘see you later’. So, see you later, dear friends.

I didn't want to reveal too much, but I wanted to share just one of the incredible photos captured by the even MORE incredible photographer, Alicia Magnuson.