Crafty Preparations: Part One

Now that our vendors have been selected and appointed, it’s time for the extra-fun stuff: wedding decorations! As a crafty lady, I can sometimes take on a few too many projects at a time. In order to stop myself from doing just that, I’m staging my decorations in steps, and the first step that I’ve started to tackle is ceremony decor.

Our beautiful location for the ceremony is nothing short of moving. It will be in one of two possible places (pending weather): surrounded by birch trees and on the edge of Lake Leelanau, or nestled under an apple tree close to the reception barn. With either location, I’ve been researching innovative décor to create a soft and natural setting.

For Below: I love the idea of a burlap walkway. I’ve been seeing different methods of creating a walkway, and being that burlap is a theme within my other décor plans, I loved the idea! I also love the simplicity of petals on either side of the walkway.

Summer Camp Wedding

For Seating: I’d like to line walkway chair sides with string and flag banners of greys and yellows. These sweet little bursts of color will help create strong lines from walking down the aisle to the saying of the vows.


For Above: Birch Trees - Since there are beautiful trees surrounding the seating and vow area, I’d like to interweave twine or string amongst them with attached pom-poms (or flags) of yellows, greys and creams along the line. This would translate a natural ceiling to enclose the space, creating intimacy. I've had experience in making these poms and they're so easy, and pretty low in cost!

Summer Camp Wedding

For Above: Apple Tree – By stringing hanging pom-poms and ‘glue-globe chandeliers’, I think it would be a stunning and cheery tone. I've found a great tutorial source for the creation of these, and although it seems a bit messy, a little 'disarray' never hurt anyone! I look forward to gathering my girlfriends and having a creation night.

Globe Chandeliers

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Pieter and I would really like to have a type of arch to be married under or in front of. It's a beautiful way to enclose our moment together as a personal focal point. Although we're still exploring for the perfect design, I'd like to include flowers, reclaimed wood and possibly fabric.

I'm so excited to sit down and begin to create my crafty pieces. I have a wonderful support system of friends and family who have volunteered to gather together and get to work with me. You may have everything planned and prepared for, but you can never have enough help! Happy crafting, couples!