Capturing Our Day

Having spent the evening mingling with some incredible photographers (amongst other very talented people in the industry), during Simply Blue’s vendor gathering, I couldn’t help but be inspired to post about my photographer, and how fortunate I feel to have her.

We met at college during one of our mutual graphic design classes and although I always knew she was exceedingly kind and always positive, I had no idea of her photography skills. It wasn’t until we had graduated and went our separate ways that I stumbled upon her photography albums during the early launch of her photography business.

I immediately knew that we had similar style in the look and feel of wedding photos, and seeing her work specifically with weddings, I hoped beyond hope that she was willing and able to shoot our engagement session. Once she sweetly and excitedly agreed to shoot our engagement session, and spent a beautiful fall day with us, I couldn’t have been more certain about reserving her for our wedding day.

It’s important to work with a photographer that you can be comfortable with, and having known her through school, our engagement session was not only light hearted, but entertaining as well. You want to be your true self as a couple while your photographer captures your intimate connections, as well as your silly moments. I can’t wait to have Alicia of Alicia Magnuson Photography with us to photograph and celebrate our very special day!

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