A Sailor's Bride

Planning a wedding is a process for any couple, but planning it while working around the schedule of a sailor can be a meticulous process – being reminded of a schedule that needs to be kept although could have a large wrench thrown at it on a whim.

This past week, I was reminded what it’s like to be a sailor’s bride. Pieter and I have been pushing forth on our planning process checklist and have been enjoying out time together during his time home. We try our best during the three weeks that we’re together to accomplish as much as we can and sometimes forget how fast our time flies by. But, with each passing week that he’s home, we’re reminded of the preparations we need to make for the three weeks that he’s gone. To be organized and punctual is a must in any wedding plans but, as we’ve learned with his work schedule, especially when it’s concerning the work of a sailor.

For a little over a year now, Pieter and I have shared our weeks of being apart, and although it makes our hearts sore, the sight of seeing each other after those long weeks apart makes our hearts swell. Two days ago, Pieter got the opportunity to be shipped out for a relief position on a new boat. Shipped out begins to have a whole new meaning in unfamiliar territory with new companies. Despite it being an incredible opportunity, it’s going to be 60-90 days at sea. We’ve spent the longest time of four months away from each other and it wasn’t something I’d like to revisit, but it only being 2-3 months, and knowing that it’s a great opportunity for him, it makes the idea of it more feasible.

It’s so very easy to take for granted the time we have with each other. I want this week’s lesson that I learned to be a reminder to all of you beautiful brides and grooms out there to take a step back from planning and appreciate every moment you have with each other. We’re all focused on the big day, and although I can’t even begin to hide my excitement for our own, we should all savor each special minute that we get with one another on our way to the aisle.

Pieter’s projected to leave on June 15th, however an early flight may take place at any moment with a days notice. We’re appreciating every minute we have with each other while he’s here, taking a step away for moment, enjoying the beautiful Northern Michigan scenery around us, in Hickory Hills and being thankful for having each other during the journey that lay ahead.

Appreciate them while they’re here. You never know when they’ll be shipped out.