Careful Handling

The décor projects on my to-do list are truly starting to mount up, and this past weekend has shown me just how much my mom has been there for any and every need. She spent the better part of the weekend seated in a basement, washing, labeling and tying nametags to the mason jars. 192. 192 jars to be washed, 192 labels to be pealed and perfectly placed, 192 little tags cut out and edged in black to be strung onto 192 strands of jute tied into 192 bows around those 192 wide mouthed jars. *whew! Ladies AND gents, let’s not forget how amazing our parents during his whole planning process!

Having 192 jars to wash, label and tie made the process seem daunting. However once we sat down and got our fingers moving, our little trio (including my amazing dad) really got a lot done. My mom would peal labels, I’d stick and my dad would stuff back into their boxes. Then once that process was done, my mom and I split up the hand-stenciling and cutting of each little tag to be adorned with the name of its new owner. Once those were finished, we assembled our little line once more to cut the jute, tie the bow, place one final time in its box and seal it up, waiting for the wedding day.

My centerpieces are also finalized, with the exception of two table numbers. It feels truly incredible to be checking off those ever-present to-do boxes on my very loooong list, but I’m not taking ANY of these moments for granted. I think it’s important to celebrate the little accomplishments because let us all be honest, every small idea comes together to create a much larger picture; i.e. the most amazing wedding!

I’ve been recording all of my process step by step, of course; so take a peak below at the development and result! Also...31 days...0h...WOW! :) Cheers!