Jars Upon Jars

You know that feeling when you get something big accomplished and enjoy a sigh of relief; only to remember you have ten more things to accomplish on your to-do list? Well if you’re planning a wedding, this thought process is just gonna have to be something you embrace, and embrace warmly. As I patiently wait for my invites to finish at the printers, I’m certainly not lacking in projects in my to-do list, so tackle them, I have.

This past week I received 16 boxes on my front doorstep holding our beloved 16oz handled mason jars to be given to our guest as our ‘thank you’. I also received confirmation of my ½ gallon centerpiece mason’s shipment. It feels great to have visual and tactile confirmation of pieces playing at part at your wedding. It’s a sense of relief that only can be understood as a bride.

I’ve created a logo to be die-cut and placed like a sticker of sorts on each mason jar. They will then have brown paper tags tied around the mouth of the jars with jute, allowing it’s owner to write their name, claiming their jar for their own. In the mean time, they sit comfortably in their protective boxes, waiting to be washed and ‘dressed’.

One of the first items I was able to order were my brown paper envelopes, so in my patient-printer-waiting-period (I say through gritted teeth) I’ve been addressing. You’d be surprised how time consuming it can be, especially if you’re as passionate as I am with my typography. Each stroke I make with my new favorite writing utensil, the Sharpie Paint edition, on each letter, means everything. Thank goodness I ordered extra! The written address and envelope combine to create the first impression of your wedding theme. Thus…great care is taken with each and every letter.

Until next week, my suggestion is to make lots of to-do lists, and to make them attainable! Don’t overload with unreachable goals in small amounts of time, or stress will take over. Happy planning!