Ask the Expert: Carrie Cutler-Farley | Cutler's of Petoskey


We're focusing on the iconic yellow storefront of Cutler's of Petoskey and the advice of Carrie Cutler-Farley in this week's Ask the Expert.  Carrie kindly answered our questions about the wedding gift registry and her advice for brides and grooms planning their own registries.

What advice do you give couples creating a gift registry?

We always tell couples to think not just where they are today, but look to the future.  Are they planning to have a family?  What is their lifestyle?  Do they like to entertain?  What will they plan to do for the holidays?  In most cases, brides will want to register for more than four place settings and we always advise that it's better to have more than not enough especially for those entertaining and holiday occasions.

Do you have any specific advice for brides? What about for grooms?

We advise brides to choose a variety of price points, including more expensive items. They shouldn't be afraid to register for something they LOVE even if it's more expensive than anything they'd buy for themselves.  Many guests go-in together on wedding gifts and make those dream items a reality.

We think the more the grooms participate, the better!  More and more men are taking part in the kitchen and there are lots of gifts that can make cooking more convenient and fun.  Keep all those in mind and consider the same advice given to the brides for their dream items.

What should couples keep in mind when approaching their registry: time frames? number of items?

Since many guests who attend the bridal shower buy their wedding gift at the same time, we recommend to register for your gifts not just well before the wedding but before the wedding shower invitations are mailed.  Most shower invitations go out about 2 weeks before the shower, so register before then.

We also recommend a good variety of items and register for more than you think you'll get.  Always err on the side of too much and include both your needs and wants.

Is there anything that consistently surprises couples throughout the process of registering for gifts?

We usually don't encounter too many surprises on our end of the gift registry, but newlyweds tend to be surprised by how much people actually do buy from their registries.  Your guests respect the registry you've created and want to buy you a gift to support your new life together!

Thank you so much Carrie for offering your perspective and advice! Cutler's is in downtown Petoskey and specializes in gifts for the home and kitchen.