SBW Vendor Spotlight: Tableau Events, Custom Papery & Decor

When it comes to your wedding design and decor, a common problem that couples struggle with is establishing a brand for their big day and remaining consistent throughout the planning and design process.  If you think about it, that is in essence what you are doing, but rather than the brand being for a company or product, the brand is in fact YOU!  We are lucky to be blessed with some talented rental companies and stationers here in Northern Michigan, but even better than that, is the fact that you can get both of those things in one spot!  With all that being said I'd like to introduce you to Tableau Events, Custom Papery and Decor. Tableau Events is located in the quaint town of Petoskey.  Owner Sheila Dodson-Wright runs the company day to day and is also responsible for the fabulous products and design work.  As described by Sheila, "Tableau Events is a boutique design service that creates personally styled event environments through the use of custom papery, exclusive textiles and coordinating decor".  They offer invitations, textiles, packaging, decor and the list goes on and on.  One thing is for sure, if you're looking for a one-stop-shop for your wedding day branding, you will want to give Sheila and Tableau Events a call!  Be sure to check out Tableau Events' Vendor Profiles under the "Decor & Rentals" and "Stationer" sections of the Vendor Guide.

Photos courtesy of Tableau Events