by Shelby Ferguson

There are advantages to being engaged for both a long and short amount of time.  More time means less hustle and more time to contemplate and explore all of your options.  Less time means more hustle but greater decision making ability, because there’s no time to second guess yourself.

So what if you’re in that first category, what if you have lots of time and are tempted to change your mind once or twice or a hundred time during the planning process.  How do you stick to your plan?

1.  Create a clear and concise vision
Start by figuring out how exactly you want your wedding day to feel. Do you want it to be relaxed?  Elegant? Fun? Surprising?  Pull together a few keywords to use as descriptors for the day.
Next, find images that represent those words and that feeling.  Create a mood board.  The board doesn’t need to be filled with exact replicas of items you want at your wedding but rather images that set the tone for the event.  If a couple of your keywords were colorful and fun, you might add an image of a balloon bouquet.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to carry a handful of balloons down the aisle, it’s just representative of those key words.
Once your board is created, make sure every decision you make correlates back to that vision.  Everything should somehow flow with the tone of your mood board.  It will give you an anchor point and hopefully planning won’t go too off course.

2. Choose ideas that represent you
It is really easy to open a magazine or log into Pinterest and instantly be overwhelmed with gorgeous wedding ideas.  From the venue search to dress shopping, the options are really limitless.  To help narrow down those ideas, consider who you are both individually and as a couple.  If you’re a city girl through and through, a barn wedding might not be the right route for you – even if there is a gorgeous barn in your area.  Likewise, if you see a pretty bridal makeup tutorial with crimson red lips and yet you’ve never worn lipstick a day in your life, that might not be the right look for you.  You need to feel natural and relaxed, stretching yourself too far out of the box might sound like a good idea at the time but planning a wedding is already unfamiliar territory, don’t add more stress to yourself.

3. Ask yourself the purpose of said item and/or task
Bear with me a little bit on this one.  If you have to ask why you’re doing something, then you most likely don’t need to do it.  This will help make up your mind on most decisions and eliminate unnecessary ones.  Case and point, if you don’t care that you have a book or sign with every guest’s signature on it – you’re not planning on displaying it on your coffee table, hanging it on your wall or putting it in a keepsake box, then you might not actually need a guest book.  That means you can stop Googling and reading articles on the 20 most popular guest book alternative for 2016.  Don’t stress over details that don’t fit with your overall visions (point 1) or that don’t represent you (point 2).  

4. Stop Shopping
This means Pinteresting too.  Once you find your dress, don’t step into another bridal store.  Once your floral designer is locked in place with a beautiful proposal, stop looking at bouquets.  When you’re a wedding guest at your cousin’s wedding, admire the beauty but don’t compare and start rethinking ideas.  Just because it was beautiful and well thought out, that doesn’t mean that its right for you so don’t ask her where she found her linens or charger plates (head back to point 2, again).

5. Don’t focus on wedding trends
This is pretty much me circling up to point 2, yet again.  Trends in the wedding industry change really quickly.  If you’re engaged 1 ½ years, that’s potentially 2 wedding seasons worth of ideas that you’ve seen.  So in order to save yourself from some of the madness, delete the trends from your brain.  Focus solely on yourself and your relationship.  Just because gold and rose gold are really hot right now, doesn’t mean you have to use them if you’ve always been a silver girl.  Focus on design aspects that you’ve always loved.  For me, robin’s egg blue has been my go to favorite color since I was 14 and I still love wearing clothing in shades of aqua, adding pops of duck egg into my home and of course a little Tiffany’s box will always make my heart pitter patter.   For me, that’s timeless and part of who I am.  Stick to those same principles and it less likely for you wedding to feel outdated before it actually takes place. 


Shelby is lead wedding planner, artistic director and floral heart behind The Day's Design. She delights in celebrating romantic, natural and fancy free occasions throughout Northern & West Michigan.  When she's away from her design work, you'll find her at home with her hubby and two beautiful baby girls, daydreaming along the shores of Lake Michigan, strolling through local antique stores, picking wildflowers or blogging more about wedding and life adventures at The Day's Dream blog.

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