10 Floral Trends for 2016

by Kalin Sheick

Friends! So excited to be back and welcoming a new year! Heck yes! Can you believe that 2015 is almost in the books? That means its time for a great year end list. I know I know there are SO many out there right now, but if you're a bride or groom and planning your event for 2016, here are 10 trends with flowers I expect to gain some momentum this year. 

10.) Hanging Installations: gone are the days when people want to have to stand up to talk over the huge centerpiece to the person on the other side of their table. I've been seeing a lot of cool design work that is suspended. Centerpiece floral chandeliers, arbors, archways, hanging installations at entry ways... think UP when thinking different this year. 

9.) Greenery everywhere: this trend is definitely gaining momentum. This summer every single one of our brides took greenery very seriously and put a lot of thought behind what types of greens they wanted. This year I see greens taking a bit more of a 'natural' place, while still being able to star in the show. 

8.) The Laurel Crown: If you're brave - why NOT try a greenery crown for the groom? Full disclosure, I really haven't seen this gaining momentum, I'm really just writing this here to hopefully convince one of you to try it. ;) When I lived in Italy I was absolutely infatuated with the Laurel Crown. Traditional italian custom dictates that when a student graduates they receive the laurel crown and get to wear it all day. I lived in a college town and in the Spring we would see the square and bars filled with students, men and women, all rocking these gorgeous greenery crowns. Boys, please. PLEASE. Just for a photo? 

7.) The Carry Corsage: Moms and Grandma's are up to something people. I mean, after all, they are the women who reared us and taught us how to bake and pick good men and dance. The carry corsage is heating up fast. Instead of a traditional 'pinned' or 'wrist' corsage, Moms and Grams and choosing a small, simple bouquet, and by small I mean SMALL. But its beautiful and it doesn't clash with a dress or bother them. PLUS it can be kept for a week after the day to remember it. So sweet. 

6.) 'Rolling in the Deeper Color....' Every year in the fall we as designers say 'MAN i wish more brides got married in the fall" the colors are gorgeous and during October you're definitely more prone to lean towards rich, warm, tones. But there's definitely a growing trend towards more color during the summer as well. Reds, pinks, purples - they look gorgeous anytime of year. Blues? yes please. 

5.) Bigger the better. One thing is for sure, the bridal bouquet is not getting any smaller anytime soon. Three brides I met with this fall used this exact phrase "I want my bouquet to be absolutely giant." It's your day! Why not carry an absolutely stunning, large bouquet? Any good designer is going to make sure it isn't comical, or too big to even carry, so don't be afraid to make a statement ladies. 

4.) 'Lasting longer than the weekend' Two brides we have next year are exploring the idea of 'long lasting' centerpieces such as potted topiaries, ferns, and succulents that can be taken home by family members and cared for. This is such a beautiful and meaningful trend. Consider it! With help from your designer you should be able to track down potted plants and creations that fit your budget. HINT: mega cute favor idea! 

3.) 'Just Picked' Without a doubt the 'just picked' look is hot. This summer it was commonly requested. Just picked is defined by a streamlined look that has movement and a bit of whimsy. Make sure your designer knows if you like or don't like this. They can cater to exactly the amount of 'just picked' you like. 

2.) Statement Maids. Alright, ladies, you're getting married and the girls who stand next to you are your bests. Your besties, your soul sisters, your crying into the phone, texting at 2am, helping you home, laughing at your dumb jokes, your GIRLS. SO PLEASE don't hesitate to have them carrying something beautiful. I promise you, PROMISE YOU, they will not out shine you. Statement maids are IN folks. Try bridesmaids with giant focal blooms, one per girl. Its stunning. Or maids holding ALL greens. Give them something that makes them special. They'll love it. 

1.) Locally Grown. As farmer florists grow by leaps and bounds, the accessibility to blooms grown right here in Michigan is awesome. July-October we have access to some of the most beautiful blooms in the country. And just think, your bouquet could be sourced within 10 miles of your wedding spot :). Keep it local when you can ladies. Its totally awesome to support our farmers.


Kalin Sheick is the owner and lead designer for Stems & Sprigs, a boutique floral design company that loves Northern Michigan. Stems & Sprigs specializes in garden inspired, natural designs with a touch of whimsy. When she's not floralizing for events, Kalin is spending time with her family on the lake, exploring the outdoors with her 'wolf pack' (husband and dog), and hosting dinner parties for friends. You can follow along on her Northern Michigan adventures by joining her tribe on the Stems & Sprigs blog, or following them on Instagram