SBW Vendor Spotlight: Aunt B's Cakes & Desserts

The tradition of the wedding cake is one that began back in the Roman Empire.  During that time, the "cake" was actually a loaf of bread that the Groom broke over the Bride's head.  Needless to say, thank goodness that tradition has evolved over time!  While the designs and decorations are now much more elaborate than a loaf of bread the idea of the wedding cake still applies to today's modern newlyweds. As you've read about and seen on the blog previously, the vendors that we have here are just as talented as those located in the major metropolitan areas of the country and the Bakers that we have here will not disappoint either.  Ann Barraclough, owner of Aunt B's Cakes and Desserts, has been creating fabulous cakes and desserts since 1996 and has quickly made a name for herself and her business based out of Lake Ann, Michigan.  Whether you're looking for a simple, chic, buttercream covered design or elaborately crafted, fondant sculpture featuring edible flowers, you will not be disappointed with Aunt B's.  While your guests may be left awe struck by how awesome your cake looked, the true test to a baker's skill is that what's inside tastes just as good.  Trust me when I say, Aunt B's cakes will not disappoint.  Be sure to check out Aunt B's Cakes and Desserts under the "Cakes & Desserts" section of the Vendor Guide.

Photos courtesy of: Jen Kroll Photography (top L & R), Melisa McKolay Photography (bottom L) and Widdis Photography (bottom R); Sources: Wikipedia